HomeColonial Craven CountyCarolina BayMcCottry Family BibleFlora and FaunaMcCottry-McCutchen CemeteryMcCottry-McCutchen Cemetery Stones and InscriptionsMcCottry Tree-first three generationsRobert McCottry- ImmigrantThe DissentersRebel Roll of 1775Tomb of General Francis MarionCol. Peter HorryColonel Hugh HorryCol. Hugh ErvinCol. Hezekiah MahamMajor John JamesSouth Carolina Tricentinnel 1670-1970McCottry's RiflesCapt. William McCottryCapt. Robert McCottryCapt. John James (cousin of Major John James)Capt. Henry MouzonCapt. John McCauleyMarion's engagements 1780-1781Lenud's Ferry May 6, 1780Kingstree August 7, 1780Great Savannah August 25, 1780Blue Savannah September 4, 1780Black Mingo September 14, 1780Tearcoat Swamp October 25, 1780Halfway Swamp December 12 1780Georgetown January 24-25, 1781Wiboo Swamp March 6, 1781Mt. Hope Swamp March 8, 1781Lower Bridge March 14-15, 1781Sampit Bridge March 20, 1781Snow's Island March 23, 1781Sampit Bridge March 28, 1781Witherspoon's Ferry April 3, 1781Fort Watson April 15-23, 1781Fort Motte May 12, 1781Quenby Bridge July 17, 1781Shubrick's Plantation July 17, 1781Eutaw Springs September 8, 1781Parker,s GuideThorntreeMcCutchen Family- First Three GenerationsHugh McCutchen, ImmigrantJames McCutchen, I, Second GeGeorge McCutchen, I,SecondEleanor McCutchen Gotea GibsonJane McCutchen McKnight, SecHugh McCutchen, II, Third GenGeorge McCutchen, II, Third GenWilliam McCutchen, Third GenerationThomas McCutchen, Third GenJenette McCutchen Barr, Third GenerationWeaponsSweet PotatoMarsh TackyLancing and Jousting Tournaments in South Carolina 1920's & 1930'sDancing TrialReconciliationIndian Fighter

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Children of Jane McCutchen and Alexander McKnight

Alexander McKnight m. Jane Gotea

Margaret McKnight m. Samuel Nesmith


Jane McKnight m. William Scott

Isabella McKnight m. G. Calhoun

Sarah McKnight m. Col. William Salters

Mary McKnight m.

  1. David Gordon
  2. ......Barrineau
  3. William Scott


HomeColonial Craven CountyCarolina BayMcCottry Family BibleFlora and FaunaMcCottry-McCutchen CemeteryMcCottry-McCutchen Cemetery Stones and InscriptionsMcCottry Tree-first three generationsRobert McCottry- ImmigrantThe DissentersRebel Roll of 1775Tomb of General Francis MarionCol. Peter HorryColonel Hugh HorryCol. Hugh ErvinCol. Hezekiah MahamMajor John JamesSouth Carolina Tricentinnel 1670-1970McCottry's RiflesCapt. William McCottryCapt. Robert McCottryCapt. John James (cousin of Major John James)Capt. Henry MouzonCapt. John McCauleyMarion's engagements 1780-1781Lenud's Ferry May 6, 1780Kingstree August 7, 1780Great Savannah August 25, 1780Blue Savannah September 4, 1780Black Mingo September 14, 1780Tearcoat Swamp October 25, 1780Halfway Swamp December 12 1780Georgetown January 24-25, 1781Wiboo Swamp March 6, 1781Mt. Hope Swamp March 8, 1781Lower Bridge March 14-15, 1781Sampit Bridge March 20, 1781Snow's Island March 23, 1781Sampit Bridge March 28, 1781Witherspoon's Ferry April 3, 1781Fort Watson April 15-23, 1781Fort Motte May 12, 1781Quenby Bridge July 17, 1781Shubrick's Plantation July 17, 1781Eutaw Springs September 8, 1781Parker,s GuideThorntreeMcCutchen Family- First Three GenerationsHugh McCutchen, ImmigrantJames McCutchen, I, Second GeGeorge McCutchen, I,SecondEleanor McCutchen Gotea GibsonJane McCutchen McKnight, SecHugh McCutchen, II, Third GenGeorge McCutchen, II, Third GenWilliam McCutchen, Third GenerationThomas McCutchen, Third GenJenette McCutchen Barr, Third GenerationWeaponsSweet PotatoMarsh TackyLancing and Jousting Tournaments in South Carolina 1920's & 1930'sDancing TrialReconciliationIndian Fighter

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